The Enchantress

The Enchantress
© by Mary Baxter St.Clair

Limited Edition Giclée 225 S/N, 25 A/P, 5 S/P. All Giclées hand highlighted.
Image size 10”x10” and 20”x20”, S/P 24”x24”

Merlin the Magician had forever avoided all things feminine as dark mischief to his own way of thinking. Though as her neared the end of his long life, he became increasingly aware of the fact that he had never known the affection of a woman.

So it happened that when Nimue came to Court, charming everyone with her youthful innocence, he was torn between hope and suspicion. A lifetime of ferreting out the eternal deceits at Camelot persuaded him that no one was without a hidden agenda. Therefore, fascinated yet certain of himself, he set out to expose to the world that behind Nimue’s apparent sweetness coiled a snake.

With the lure of secret knowledge only he possessed, he began lessons with the eager girl, all the while watching lustfully for the inner evil to appear. Nimue herself believed Merlin to be the wise and fatherly figure he seemed, quickly absorbing the lessons offered, thinking him as genuine as she was herself. When, instead of unmasking her, he was himself unmasked, she calmly locked him in a tree where the forest spirits could keep an eye on him. There he remains to this day cursed by the knowledge that an old and crafty magician could be so easily fooled by nothing more than an honest girl.


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