Wahine of the Mist

Wahine of the Mist
© by Mary Baxter St.Clair

Limited Edition Giclée on canvas 225 S/N & 25 A/P. Image size 13.5”x20” 
Special Alii edition for Hawaii Galleries only, 225 S/N & 10 S/P. Image size 21”x31.5”

The Girl of the Enchanted Island is of the mountains, the rivers and the rainforest of Kauai. She is a hunter and a sister and daughter of hunters. She rides her pony in the peace of her island home, hearing the song of the rain and waterfalls and birds, the wind in her hair. Rainbows follow her on her path to the sea. She dances the hula as graceful as the lehua blossom and smiles with the knowledge that she lives in paradise.


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