a.k.a.: Ailea, Queen of the Southern Seas
by Mary Baxter St.Clair

Limited Edition 900 S/N, 100 A/P, 10 S/P. All Canvas transfers hand highlighted. 
Image size 13.5" x 20"

(Also available as mini print. Please see our GIFTS section)

Somewhere beneath the surface she waits, for you. Listen carefully and you can hear her singing. Wrapped in the velvet darkness her subjects await her command. "Come..." she calls, "come and dance with the mermaids, ride a sea-turtle, and listen to the song of the whale. Come to where fish fly and butterflies swim and guardians of the deep watch from behind gently waving anemones." She dares you to leave your own world behind and you know that if you do, you'll never be the same.


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