Enchantress and Palatine
by Mary Baxter St.Clair

Limited Edition giclee' 11" x 18" 150 S/N
Limited Edition giclee' 12" x 24" 100 S/N 10 A/P 
All giclee's are hand highlighted.

"Deep in the Enchanted Forest, where magical creatures play under a moon that is always full, Nimue The Enchantress found something extraordinary. In a shallow cave she discovered a single egg, surrounded by protective crystals. Cradled in the warmth of her embrace she carried it home where she kept it heated by her hearth fires, and awoke in the morning to find that from the egg had hatched a Gold Crested Dragon. Nimue named the creature Palatine, and the two felt a deep and lovely bond on sight. For all the years of their lives, they could be seen walking together through the forest at dusk, as they listened to the voices of each other's innermost thoughts."


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