The Dream Duster

The Dream Duster
by Mary Baxter St.Clair

Limited Edition 900 S/N, 100 A/P, 10 S/P. All Canvas transfers hand highlighted. 
Image size 11" x 16" -

We are sure you've noticed this; that there are those around whom the sun always seems to shine brighter and the stars sparkle with extra brilliance. They are always the first to spot rainbows and upon their shoulders lucky ladybugs gently land with mysterious frequency. Their hearts are pure and full of love and their spirits light with dreams, so that even in their 90th summer they will never be lacking a wish to cast into the evening sky at the sight of the first star. 

 Sometime in their life these people have undoubtedly earned the high regard of fairies, and while they lay dreaming the Wee Folk blew their magic dust upon them. Have you done anything to earn the fairies blessing?


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