The Silver Nereid


The Silver Nereid
by Mary Baxter St.Clair

Limited Edition 450 S/N, 50 A/P (Sold out). All Canvas transfers hand highlighted. 
Image size 12"x24"

(Also available as mini print. Please see our GIFTS section)

Cora is the Nereid who gave her name to the Coral Seas and the sea creatures that built the atolls and reefs that fringe the tropic seas. Cora lived in a coral palace and is said to have dined on seafoam and pearls. Because in her youth she loved a sailor who was lost at sea, her father Nereus granted her request for dominion over the cruel waters in which he died. Here, she memorialized her lost love by creating one of the loveliest spots in the entire water kingdom.

She is known as the protectress of sailors and fishermen, and for her enchanting song often heard on quiet moonlit nights. Her insignia is the seahorse and she is especially fond of the purple queen fish and fairy basslets that play hide and seek in the floating tendrils of her hair. She is shown in her own silver and Coral Sea performing the dance of the tides.


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