Under The Rainbow

Under The rainbow
by Mary Baxter St.Clair

Limited Edition 900 S/N, 100 A/P, 10 S/P. All Canvas transfers hand highlighted. 
Image sizes 16"x20" & 10"x10"

"On rainy days you may find her peeping up from under the flowers just where the rainbow ends. It's time to make a wish, for magic is underfoot!" One-year-old Rachel, 1st runner-up in Kauai's "Cutest Island Baby, 1996" contest, was just taking her first steps when the picture was taken for this painting. In fact, where she holds her flower umbrella she was actually grasping her mother's skirts for balance! As you can see, Miss Ladybug appears again here to watch over the baby. It is, after all, her specialty.


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