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April 2007

  • Mary has retired, but has not stopped painting.
  • Prints will only be available on selected "new" images in limited production.
    • These are available exclusively at Pineapples and Palms†(a new gallery) and Dragginwood
  • Check for future updates of previously unavailable originals coming up for sale!
  • Keep an eye out for Mary's upcoming jewelry launch at Pineapples and Palms.

Orb Carrier

The Flirt

With downcast eyes and a look of serenity on her face, one can only imagine what thoughts are going through the mind of this beautiful young girl as she listens so intently to the tiny fairy at her side.

What is "The Secret" being passed from the tiny fairty to her? What secret would you ask a fairy to reveal if you had the chance?


Every member of his family seemed to have a natural way with all the creatures of the earth. Unlike his brother, who preferred to play with frogs and such, this boy had always tried to befriend the elusive hummingbird.

At the end of one perfect summer day in the glade near his home, with great patience and intense concentration, he was finally able to coax the shy bird to drink the nectar from a flower he held in his hand. That was to be the only time he experienced this fragile bond, but it was a moment he would remember his entire life.

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The Lotus Fairy  THE LOTUS FAIRY

At the edge of a stream in The Enchanted Forest, near a graceful fall of water, a young water nymph emerges from the delicate petals of the lotus flower. She is assisted on her magical journey by a tiny sprite, who washes her in a gentle cascade of fairy dust while protecting her until she has come fully awake. The Lotus Fairy represents the rebirth of every woman as she leaves childhood behind. After the metamorphosis of adolescence she emerges reborn, the woman she was meant to be.

10X10  and 20x20 Gicleť on canvas, 225 signed & numbered each.
Artist Proofs available



The Dream  THE DREAM

Is this exquisite sea creature the subject of our own dreams? The symbol of all our secret desires of what we hope to be or wish to discover? Or is this her dream. A dream filled with lovely adventures like riding the back of a great manta ray. Or is she just dreaming of you?

16x20 Gicleť on canvas, 225 signed & numbered each.
Artist Proofs available




Deep in the Enchanted Forest, where magical creatures play under a moon that is always full, Nimue The Enchantress found something extraordinary. In a shallow cave she discovered a single egg, surrounded by protective crystals. Cradled in the warmth of her embrace she carried it home where she kept it heated by her hearth fires, and awoke in the morning to find that from the egg had hatched a Gold Crested Dragon. Nimue named the creature Palatine, and the two felt a deep and lovely bond on sight. For all the years of their lives, they could be seen walking together through the forest at dusk, as they listened to the voices of each other's innermost thoughts.

Limited Edition giclee' 11" x 18" 150 S/N
Limited Edition giclee' 12" x 24" 100 S/N  10 A/P

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