Where Dreams Come True

Where Dreams Come True
by Mary Baxter St.Clair

Limited Edition 450 S/N, 50 A/P. All Canvas transfers hand highlighted. 
Image size 19"x25"
(NOTE: Artist Proofs are SOLD OUT)

(Also available as mini print. Please see our GIFTS section)

In regal solitude she sleeps beneath the waves, her golden hair flows around her body like wine. What private thoughts cause the lines of her mouth to curve in a gentle smile? She is Galatea, the loveliest of the Nereids. Long ago she was loved by the hideous one-eyed giant Polythemus, the son of Poseidon. Gentle and fun-loving, Galatea didn't wish to offend Polythemus, but she was unable to take his suit seriously. So she flirted playfully with him, frolicking in the sea while he watched longingly from the shore.

At last one day a mischievous western wind blew a ship from the Northern Isles far off course. On board this ship sailed Acis, a handsome golden-haired prince, and from the first moment she first saw him, Galatea knew her heart would be forever his alone.

Seeing this, however, Polythemus fell into a rage which resulted in the death of Acis. But Galatea pleased with the queen of the gods, who returned her love to her for half of every year, spending the remaining time in the world above as a river god. While he is gone she sleeps near where his river flows into the sea to surround and caress her as she dreams her dream of love.


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